The hematology area at Biogen has grown out of our core hemophilia research group that discovered the recombinant clotting factor VIII and IX monomeric Fc fusion proteins and advanced them into clinical development for the improved treatment of hemophilia A and B, respectively. Moving beyond our initial assessment of these molecules, our scientists continue to advance our knowledge of their structure and activity relationships, as well as to better understand their mechanisms of action for half-life extension and generating tolerance/immunogenicity.

Our group continues to explore novel therapies for the treatment of hemophilia, with an initial focus on further increasing the half-life of FVIII, and creating innovative therapies for people with hemophilia A and B who have developed neutralizing antibodies (inhibitors) against their current treatment options. We are now further expanding our research into related areas of nonmalignant hematology, such as sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia.

In all of our work, we seek to apply a combination of advanced techniques with pharmacology studies in relevant models to further understand the physiological interactions in these disease areas and better guide our protein engineering and drug development research. Our active collaborations with both academic and industry groups are essential. They enable us to apply the most advanced technologies and encompass the widest range of ideas to achieve our goals for transforming care of hematologic diseases with high unmet medical needs.