At Biogen, we understand the complexity of MS therapy – both for Health Care Professionals and those diagnosed with MS

Each therapy entails a variety of considerations: from navigating reimbursement and ongoing monitoring to disease education and nursing support. With the Biogen ONE Support Program, all of those needs are addressed, regardless of the Biogen therapy prescribed. The goal is straightforward: simplifying the MS treatment experience.

RSNs are familiar with the challenges that many people face, as well as how to support them through their MS journey. They are knowledgeable about MS and Biogen therapies, and uniquely equipped to understand the needs of those enrolled. Working in collaboration with an individual’s neurologist to customize services, Regional Support Nurses (RSNs) serve as the primary contact to Biogen ONE. 

Working closely with neurologists and MS clinics, their key function is overseeing the coordination of all services required for patients to start and stay on a therapy (including reimbursement support). As members of the program, individuals will be given the RSN’s direct contact information to establish both a relationship and touch-point within the program.

The Biogen ONE Support Program can help determine insurance eligibility, facilitate insurance authorizations and explore options for additional reimbursement support as necessary. For those who qualify, Biogen ONE will provide free medication to get treatment underway while working through the reimbursement process.

In tandem with a Regional Support Nurse (RSN), a Reimbursement Specialist may contact members to:

  • Review the details of a given insurance plan and the coverage provided for prescription drugs.
  • Call the insurance company to determine if any documentation is required for reimbursement of medication.
  • Assist members and their physicians with the completion of all the necessary documentation and forward it to the insurance company for processing.

To access these and other services, please contact us:
Biogen ONE Support Program
7am - 11pm ET, Monday to Friday
Tel.: 1 855 676 6300