Reporting & Principles

We work to create advances in healthcare through pioneering research and global development, manufacturing and commercial capabilities, and upholding our commitment to ethical conduct and overall corporate responsibility.

This commitment is grounded in our Code of Business Conduct, which applies to all employees, agents and consultants acting on behalf of Biogen. We also are guided by a range of principles, policies and positions, and other statements on ethical business conduct, compliance and accountability, among other topics, including:

Patient Safety

Patient safety is our highest priority and we are committed to complete and timely evaluation of the benefits and risks of our therapies and to communicating this information to help patients and healthcare professionals make informed treatment decisions. We take seriously our ethical and regulatory responsibility to continually assess and communicate the benefits and risks of our products and investigational therapies to patients, healthcare professionals and regulators.

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ESG reporting: Year in Review

Transparency is a critical part of our ongoing collaboration with key stakeholders, helping to build a community of trust and respect with our employees, patients, healthcare professionals, industry peers, stockholders and the overall community. Biogen is committed to transparency and disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are material to the business and of interest to our stakeholders. 

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Elements of Our Culture

Much like the periodic table of elements documents the building blocks of the universe around us, the Biogen Elements give shape to our company’s culture. They include fundamentals like a pioneering spirit, strong ethics, personal accountability, inclusivity, agility and an unwavering customer focus.

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Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct provides guidance on making the right ethical decisions while conducting business on behalf of Biogen. It helps establish the principles and practices of ethical business to which we expect all of our suppliers, business partners and employees to adhere. Our clinical research and other ethical standards for our employees and business partners are included in the Code of Business Conduct.

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